Dozens of Solutions for Moisturizing, Cleaning, Lubricating, Edge Trimming, Bleaching, Gluing and More from a Single Source


When it comes to spray technology, no one can match the breadth of our product line for your paper mill. You'll find thousands of spray nozzles and dozens of showers and headers from which to choose. We also offer automated spray systems, drying and blow-off equipment and chest cleaning products. Just as importantly, you'll find that our sales engineers are experienced in paper mill operations and can provide expert assistance including on-site paper machine inspections and other educational programs.


  • Coating: anti-skid agents, starches, scents, adhesives, roll lubrication, edge deckles, web/tissue lamination
  • Cleaning: doctor blades, stock chests, headboxes, pulp chests, general plant clean-up
  • Edge trimming: standard, fine and specialty papers
  • Drying and blow-off: air barriers to control contaminants, debris and excess paper blow-off into the pit, sheet control for paper breaks
  • Humidification: static and shock prevention, moisture addition in storage areas
  • Marking: defects
  • Pollution abatement: foam knockdown, gas scrubbing