PathoSans System Solutions: Highly Effective and Environmentally Responsible


The system uses patented technology to convert softened tap water and salt into electrochemically-activated (ECA) cleaning solutions. PathoClean® sodium hydroxide is an alkaline cleaner that is extremely powerful and can be used throughout your facility. A hypochlorous acid solution containing a minimum of 100 ppm free active chlorine can also be produced and used as an acidic rinse.


  • Highly effective electrochemically-activated (ECA) cleaners that can be used for surface and biofilm removal. Typical uses include carpets, floors, windows and kitchens
  • Improves worker safety: the solutions have no odor and are safe for employees to use
  • Reduces carbon footprint: produced on demand, the solutions remain effective for at least 14 days when properly stored. Deliveries of cleaning chemicals to your facility can be eliminated
  • Easy to use: Workers quickly learn how to use the system. Plus, the equipment requires minimal maintenance
  • Dramatically reduce operating costs: The solutions can be produced for just pennies per gallon

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